Hey guys, thanks for visiting my website. This is the part where I try to hook you in and explain why you should click to other pages. I should tell you all about my past successes and make it sound like I am the most brilliant person on the planet. Truth is: I am the most brilliant person on the planet...

But so are you. We all are. The world you have created is yours for the taking, so embrace your own awesomeness. In my world, there are no rules - just a commitment to the pursuit of love, peace and joy...nothing else matters. We are forever young, wild and free. Our insanity blurs reality...

I like telling stories. I like documenting life with a camera. I like eavesdropping on strangers in bars, coffeeshops and train stations. I like writing songs, poems and scraps. I like making (girls) laugh. I like breathing, singing, moviemaking. The road is a spiderweb and we're all going mad from the noise. The eternal cool is the fact that the only things that matter is the stuff they can't take away. There is no truth: just a flickering image projected in your brain by a thousand lifetimes of joy and pain...

Once upon a time a woman put a lil' baby goose in a bottle. The goose grew up and needed to get out of the bottle. She asked me "what do I do: break the bottle or kill the goose?" My new movie is called JUG BAND HOKUM. It's the most brilliant film ever created in the history of cinema. If that doesn't make you click to another page nothing will. I did all I can do to make a good impression on you. So I'll just laugh it all away...

Spoiler alert: I told the woman there's no goose and there's no bottle. Thanks for visiting my website. Be well...be free...either way, just be...

Jack Norton
Minneapolis, Minnesota

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